Embarking on a Journey of Preservation and Innovation

Welcome to CALECHE, a pioneering initiative under the Horizon Europe framework dedicated to redefining the renovation of Europe’s historic buildings. Our project, “Coherent Acceptable Low Emission Cultural Heritage Efficient Renovation,” is at the forefront of blending the preservation of our rich built cultural heritage with cutting-edge sustainable practices.


Project Overview

A Heritage of Innovation

In the heart of Europe’s architectural grandeur lies a promise—a commitment to the future and a nod to the past. The CALECHE project, an acronym for “Coherent Acceptable Low Emission Cultural Heritage Efficient Renovation” stands at this crossroads of time. Initiated in October 2023 under the Horizon Europe framework, CALECHE is a beacon of innovation in cultural heritage preservation.

With around a quarter of Europe’s building stock bearing the distinguished title of ‘historical,’ the CALECHE project was born out of necessity. These structures represent our collective history and are integral to the identity of cities and communities across the continent. However, the survival of these buildings hinges on their continued relevance and adaptation to contemporary living standards—this is where CALECHE steps in.

Our project seeks to redefine the conservation narrative, transforming historic buildings into energy-efficient and sustainable living exemplars while staunchly preserving their cultural integrity. It is a delicate dance between modernity and tradition, and CALECHE leads with expertise and care.


Launched in October 2023 and spanning over 36 months, CALECHE brings together a consortium of experts, scientist, industrials, sociologists and historians. We are driven by the challenge of maintaining the integrity and aesthetics of historic buildings while integrating modern sustainability standards. Our focus lies in developing and demonstrating renovation approaches that are both environmentally friendly and socially and economically viable.


Sustainable Future for Historic Treasures

At CALECHE, we envision a future where historic buildings tell tales of our past and play a crucial role in a sustainable future. Our mission is to transform these timeless structures into epitomes of energy efficiency and environmental stewardship while respecting their unique historical and cultural significance.

Caleche benefits


Innovative Renovation Approaches: To develop methods that respect the heritage value of buildings while enhancing their energy efficiency and reducing environmental impacts.

Multi-benefit Decision Making: To establish decision-making frameworks that balance cultural preservation with modern sustainability needs.

Community Engagement and Inclusivity: To ensure our renovated spaces resonate with communities, maintaining their historical essence and fostering a sense of shared heritage.

Caleche timeline